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Spending too much time creating the perfect roster? Create and fill your daily shifts automatically with Prompa.

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Prompa is simple to use and completely cloud based

Automate Shift Creation

Let Prompa create and fill your shifts automatically with the right staff using our smart staff matching algorithms.

Manage Shifts

Create and manage shifts from the web while staff and supervisors get a real-time roster via their smartphone app.

Open Communication

Send messages to your staff and supervisors, keeping communication all on the one platform.

Worksite Check-In

Navigate your staff and supervisors to worksites and know who has checked in and out from your work locations.

Log Timesheets

Staff and supervisors can easily submit timesheets from their smartphone. Export payroll data with a click of a button.

Trait Tagging

Do you have shifts with delicate skill requirements? Trait Tag your staff members so that you can find the right people.

Manage a large number of staff with ease.

If you have more than 50 staff members, Prompa is the ideal rostering and timesheeting platform.
Prompa is designed to provide superior efficiency for large staff management.

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"Prompa has made my work life easier to access shifts, notify my availability, have instant knowledge of the details and locality of shifts."

- Elderly staff using Prompa iPhone App

Keep your staff connected to their roster

Staff and Supervisors can apply for shifts, receive messages, check their roster and submit timesheets at any time from their smartphones.

"We chose Prompa for its agility and scalability."

- Tull Roseby, Founder of Absolute Care & Health

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